The central Biblical truths regarding what Jesus accomplished to bring salvation to sinners can best be explained in a visual manner with the use of a CIRCLE surrounding a TRIANGLE. I learned the initial concepts of this illustration decades ago in a book I was reading by James Boice – and over the years I have expanded on the original concept to include a whole range of additional Biblical truths which I’ve presented in my international training of church leaders for years. Let me unfold this now for you.

To access the illustrated graphics and explanation — click here:

If you would like to see an example of one way to pray in light of what this Glorious God of the Gospel Triangle has just shown you — click below and you will see the prayer I pray each day which is built out of what this Triangle reveals. When I pray it I use the version you’ll find in the second link below — because my heart soars when I see it all displayed in color and with all of my graphics added in — but if you want to see the trimmed down version in black and white with no graphics — use the first link. Great blessings to you!