There are four factors — our beliefs, our skills, our values, and our habits — which shape everything about our lives as modern-day followers of Jesus. When it comes to becoming a fruitful and reproducing GOSPEL-SHARING disciple of Jesus, it is crucial that our common but cripplingfear of man’ be replaced (in our beliefs) by a godly reverence for the Lord and a deep burden for the lost. But once this ‘belief-shift‘ has occurred, there are three more areas that must be addressed. In order for a person to live out a consistent lifestyle of sharing the gospel with the lost — the additional factors of missing skills – and thus uncultivated values – as well as absent habits must also be dealt with in a loving, patient, and accountable manner. All four of these areas of growth must be addressed in any balanced disciple making training process.

This is the beauty of the process of The Timothy Initiative’s disciple making training process. ALL FOUR FACTORS are given attention and dealt with equally – and the results are being seen around the world that the Lord’s favor rests mightily upon a movement where this is the case.

To get a grasp on how these four areas can to be addressed — click below to see the clarification:

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