One of the areas of Bible study which many believers get confused over has to do with which New Testament texts are describing the pre-tribulation Rapture of the church — as opposed to texts which are describing the event that will come 7 years later (after the Tribulation) — namely, the Second Coming of Jesus with His saints to judge the world and inaugurate the Millennial Kingdom.

As I have studied this area, I have found it helpful to put the key New Testament Rapture texts in a column that shows how they are distinct from the the Second Coming texts.

May this list aid you in keeping your eyes on Jesus, so as to remain steadfast in these challenging days — as you await His soon-to-occur appearance to bring His church up to be with Him. The Rapture is coming soon, my friends — when our Lord Jesus will display His loving protection over His Bride from the subsequent horrifying events of the Tribulation.

(1) Click the first link below to access the list of all of the different places in the Bible which make this vital distinction clear.

(2) Click the second link below to then access my Illustrated Timeline graph in 12 stages that goes with the above list of Bible texts. The second half of this PDF will show you verses printed out that go with each of the 12 stages in the timeline.

(3) Click the third link below to access a graphic I put together to help me clarify and keep focused in my mind what will be happening directly after the Rapture — as the 7-Year Tribulation starts to unfold. (All who are believers in Christ will be protected from these events by means of Christ’s appearance to take His bride at the Rapture.)

(4) Click the fourth link below to find a personalized look at it all.

(5) Finally, the fifth link below has a PDF of the Eschatology scholar, Thomas Ice, showing detailed verification on the correct translation of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is referring to the rapture and not to apostasy.